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Perm, Skeng and Darko join forces for ‘3OuttaADrive’

Perm, Skeng and Darko join forces for ‘3OuttaADrive’

Author: Joel Griffiths | Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Perm, Skeng and Darko join forces for ‘3OuttaADrive’  Photograph

Skeng, Darko and Perm have joined creative forces to talk their greaze on ‘3OuttaADrive’, offering up some cold visuals to go with it.

The trio take turns spraying bars, which match the energy of the track’s haunting melodies and distorted synth bass. ‘Frosty’ takes credit for the visuals, which are deftly-produced, using a range of filters and gradients to achieve a disorientating effect. The hook is hard, with each artist making their mark on it, and guaranteeing it to be one of those tracks that people come back for on their drill playlist time after time.

Hailing from South London, Perm burst onto the scene with tunes like ‘What’s all the talk about' and ‘Dotty On The Ride’ in the early days of UK drill. After a short hiatus, he has returned with hits like ‘Working’ and ‘Bringing Back Drill’. Skeng has a solid back catalogue of releases going back to 2013 including his most recent offering ‘Trap & Finesse’ in 2019.

You can find the visuals for this one below, let us know if you’re feeling it on our socials!