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Skeamer releases new visuals to ‘We Had Nothing’

Skeamer releases new visuals to ‘We Had Nothing’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 25th March 2021

Skeamer releases new visuals to ‘We Had Nothing’  Photograph

Skeamer is back with a new track entitled ‘We Had Nothing’. The Clapham-native spits over a slow and smooth instrumental and delivers easy reminiscent bars. 'We Had Nothing’ entails a powerful message about coming from very little and persevering through the struggles.

Through the track, we hear Skeamer compare his life from before, to the life he has now. The detailed verses bring to light the South Londoners incredible storytelling skills. Skeamer takes the listener on a journey allowing us to understand his life. ‘We Had Nothing’ hypothetically allows us to walk a mile in his shoes.

The simplicity of the visuals enables viewers to fully take in every word Skeamer has to say without any distractions. The video begins with the rapper in a reflective state as he strolls around his area. In other scenes, we see the rapper in the studio laying down his bars. One powerful scene takes place in the studio as Skeamer passes the headphones to his son and encourages him to rap; as if he is passing the torch.

‘We Had Nothing’ is the type of track where you sit back and take in everything that is being said. It's real rap to its core due to Skeamer’s concise narrative being portrayed through his bars.

Check it out below.