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NSG enlist Backroad Gee for new ‘After OT Bop’ visuals

NSG enlist Backroad Gee for new ‘After OT Bop’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 25th March 2021

NSG enlist Backroad Gee for new ‘After OT Bop’ visuals  Photograph

Everyone remembers when ‘OT Bop’ first dropped and how it caused waves throughout the scene. Now, the East London group have come through with another energy-filled banger entitled ‘After OT Bop’ and have called on one of the most charismatic artists in the game, Backroad Gee to join them.

In typical NSG fashion, the instrumental is extremely upbeat and bouncy. From the catchy chorus to the feel-good verses, everything about this track radiates good vibes and positivity. What makes NSG such an entertaining listen is the variety of styles that are on display. They are all so different, yet so coherent.

Speaking of styles, no one has a more unorthodox style than Backroad Gee. As usual, Backroad Gee jumps on the beat with immense energy whilst donning his unique delivery. The rapper spits in a mixture of adlibs and lyrics, creating a unique and compelling sound.

The visuals are set in a penthouse or mansion and matches the big energy of the track. Special effects used give the video a ‘shaky’ visual to emphasize the bouncy nature of the track. And as the camera pans to each artist, it feels like we are getting a tour of the house.

The lyrics appearing throughout the video certainly help the listener become emersed with the song. Following along with the lyrics, the chorus creates an energetic atmosphere.

Take in ‘After OT Bop’ here.