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Ronzo returns with brand new track ‘Bout Time’

Ronzo returns with brand new track ‘Bout Time’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 26th March 2021

Ronzo returns with brand new track ‘Bout Time’ Photograph

Rising onto the UK Rap scene with smart wordplays and a charisma-dripped style that’s impossible to ignore, Ronzo is an emerging British rapper who’s currently making a major mark on the music game. His latest track “Bout Time” shows him at his very best as he murders a drill-type beat with killer bars.

The song has been featured on GRM Daily and amassed streams in the tens of thousands worldwide. Like much of his tracks it talks about his come up to success and life on the streets in vivid detail. Hailing from Essex, we get an unfiltered look of what it’s like to grow up on the mean streets of South Britain.

The twenty five year old has been making music since he was thirteen. It wasn’t initially what he was going to pursue but people in class kept telling him he had something special so he kept pushing. After having his daughter she acts as a constant motivator for him. A reason to keep chasing his dreams so he can turn his vision into a reality and help put food on her table.