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FM NO RADIO unleashes new visuals to ‘All I Need’

FM NO RADIO unleashes new visuals to ‘All I Need’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 26th March 2021

FM NO RADIO unleashes new visuals to ‘All I Need’ Photograph

FM NO RADIO has come through with a new banger entitled ‘All I Need’. The east London rapper begins the track with a cold and airy chorus over a sinister-like beat. The steady nature of the chorus allows it to become memorable. Whilst the slight tuneful nature of the chorus mixes with the rappers deep gritty tone to give the track an ominous feel.

The verses are a big juxtaposition to the chorus, as FM NO RADIO opts for a high tempo flow. The rapper shows his versatility by offering a different style. The trap flow is catchy and filled with clever punchlines that will stick out to the listener. And extra life is added to the track with the bouncy flow of the verses.

Aesthetically pleasing visuals show scenes of FM NO RADIO in summery settings surrounded by a backdrop of greenery. The mask used by the rapper stands out and aids the cool appearance.

‘All I Need’ is greazy due to it's eerie instrumental matched with FM NO RADIO’s minacious delivery. This is an entertaining listen as the switch up in the verses take the banger from slow and sinister to upbeat and energised.

Take in ‘All I Need’ here.