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Arni H unveils brand new track 'Europound'

Arni H unveils brand new track 'Europound'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 26th March 2021

Arni H unveils brand new track 'Europound'  Photograph

A hard-hitting hustle anthem straight from the heart. Arni H.’s latest track takes us on a cash-fuelled journey through the world of Albanian Drill and beyond as he flows over bass-heavy beats and fast flows. It’s the artists first track and aims to cement him as a serious force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry. Brimming with organic instrumentation and cryptic melodies it truly creates an entire atmosphere that’s oozing in originality. It’s all about making money and comfortable investments on his rise to the top.

The fresh new artist’s heritage is from Kosovo, though he was born in Croydon in the UK. He went on to speak both Albanian which seeps through in his songs, with English being his second language. He started writing music back in 2018 but only started taking it seriously in the last year, really honing his skills and lyrical abilities. The rapper has always been listening to Albanian music as well as the UK rap scene, growing up on artists like Unikatil, Noizy and Mc Kresha. Musically he’s always been a 50 Cent fan, however was really inspired by the big players in the Albanian scene.

The independent artist brings a bold, electrifying energy to everything he creates. Often blurring the line between bass-heavy trap and lyrical hip-hop. His goal is to make people feel through his music by giving them hard-hitting bars with a deep meaning. The music video for EuroPound has been recorded with the track being produced by Patrick (Hot Money Studios). The passionate family man is always working hard in the studio and hopes to create songs that connect and relate to his audience.