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Benny Banks returns with new Daily Duppy

Benny Banks returns with new Daily Duppy

Author: Rachel Onilude | Monday 29th March 2021

Benny Banks returns with new Daily Duppy Photograph

OG rapper Benny Banks has returned with an unexpected Daily Duppy to remind us why we fell in love with his musical talent, to begin with. Benny Banks delivers his storytelling on a smooth, mellow, dreamy beat. Produced by Mikey Joe x Loose change, the booming baseline intensifies the depth of his storytelling.

Benny Banks narrates his Daily Duppy effortlessly, from spitting about tough upbringing, hard work, resilience, self-love, and more. The Islington rapper reflects on the beginning of his career compared to now ‘your favorite rappers used to hit me up for features now it’s me that probably needs them, but you’ll never see me reaching.’

Benny Banks holds nothing back; he exposes his true emotions and thoughts. All his bars come from the heart. The beat, lyrics, flow all contribute to the hard-hitting musical experience Benny Banks created for us.

Be sure to check out the Daily Duppy below.