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Rex Evans unleashes brand new EP 'Dissonant’

Rex Evans unleashes brand new EP 'Dissonant’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Tuesday 30th March 2021

Rex Evans unleashes brand new EP 'Dissonant’ Photograph

Incredibly exciting R&B talent ​Rex Evans drops the catchy and cool EP ​‘Dissonant’.​ With a trap-tinged lead track​‘InFortheNight’,​ itdropsMarch19thandissuretobeonrepeat.

Produced by ​Lou Two​, ​‘In For the Night’ ​enters in with distorted samples before an 808-heavy trap beat rolls out. The vocals are catchy and unique, with a killer hook. The track “​is about learning what's important and

prioritizing those things over everything else,” explains Rex - “stay working for the family.” Growing up in Atlanta surrounded by music, his mother played bass and sang on records by Madonna, TLC, and Jay-Z to name a few, so music is thoroughly in his blood.

Off the back of a huge 2020 collab with rising star ​Seddy Hendrinx​, Rex has had multiple hits recording streams over 200k on Spotify, including ​‘Lil Shawty’​ (also appearing on the EP) and ​‘40’.​ Having previously worked with ​Dallas Austin (​Madonna​, ​Michael Jackson, etc) and even getting into production himself, Rex is already on the rise helped by great press coverage such as Wonderland and Clash.

The EP itself is a genre-bending classic with R&B roots. From lyrical flow on ​‘Open Letter’ to heartfelt melancholy on ​‘Pray’,​ ​‘Dissonant’ is expansive and melodic, remaining stylish but also unique. And with ​‘In For the Night’​ as a lead track, Rex Evans is sure to be one to watch for 2021.