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Rimzee is back with new ‘Split Decisions’ visuals

Rimzee is back with new ‘Split Decisions’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Wednesday 31st March 2021

Rimzee is back with new ‘Split Decisions’ visuals Photograph

Rimzee returns with brand-new single ‘Split Decisions’.

The Hackney rapper is known for his lyrical and storytelling abilities, and they are put on display on 'Split Decisions'. Spitting over a sombre drill beat, Rimzee delivers intelligent wordplay and witty puns with a hard-hitting flow. As expected, Rimzee offers real rap, and he doesn't disappoint.

Rimzee treats us to two tracks in one, as the second half of 'Split Decisions' hears a change in instrumental. Although a difference in sound, the tranquil feeling remains – allowing listeners to digest the lyrics with ease.

The visuals are simple and easy-going. We see Rimzee at the table with his boys playing a game of monopoly using real cash. When the instrumental switches up, so do the visuals. Beginning with a brief clip of the game monopoly as the roll of dice lands his character in jail, the scene switches to Rimzee behind bars.

‘Split Decisions’ is a great display of Rimzee's seriousness and authenticity.

Take in the visuals below.