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Mo Gilligan announces the release of his first book 'That Moment When'

Mo Gilligan announces the release of his first book 'That Moment When'

Author: Sarah Akomanyi | Thursday 1st April 2021

Mo Gilligan announces the release of his first book 'That Moment When'  Photograph

BAFTA-winning comedy star Mo Gilligan proudly announces the release of his first book, 'That Moment When', which will focus on the inspirational, life-changing, and funny moments that have shaped Mo into the man he is today.

From working at retail in 2017 to now being a critically acclaimed stand-up comedian, Mo Gilligan has come a long way. Other than creating entertaining content on social media, you may also have seen him present 'The Lateish Show' and be a part of the judging panel on ITV's 'The Masked Singer'.

Speaking of the book, Mo said: "The last few years have been so incredible for me, but there was also a decade's worth of grind before I got any kind of break. In 'That Moment When' I get to get to share all those stories, all the highs and lows and moments that made me. I genuinely never imagined that I would ever get the opportunity to write my own book, so this is another amazing one to add and I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen.”

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Just like his comedy content, the book will keep readers entertained through stories of Mo's childhood, old school raving, the creation of the original Geezer and his Netflix special (Mo Gilligan: Momentum). It will also include the special details behind selling out national tours in just a few minutes and how he felt winning his first BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance.

Mo will also explore his biggest influences and motivators – including the unsung heroes of the Black British comedy scene, the importance of reflecting on his community, and the power of spreading joy through laughter.

That Moment When is out in September. To not miss out, be sure to pre-order the book here.