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Zee-T unleashes melodic rap song 'Remedy'

Zee-T unleashes melodic rap song 'Remedy'

Author: Rachel Onilude | Friday 2nd April 2021

Zee-T unleashes melodic rap song 'Remedy'  Photograph

Tottenham rapper Zee-T delivers his truth over an uptempo beat. The singer-songwriter tells the real-life story of fake friends, bad energy, and jealously. Zee-T articulates his story with a blend of rap and smooth vocals. His silky sound has been described as an “ethereal fusion of authentic British rap with seductive R&B vocals”. The track is relatable for listeners, as many have experienced fake friends.

When speaking about the track, Zee-T states, “Remedy is a melodic Rap Song about haters! That makes you contemplate whether are your friends, really your friends? “lord protect me from my enemies because I know they’re coming with that jealousy.”

Be sure to check out Zee-T’s track, and watch out for any upcoming projects!