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Odeal returns with new heartfelt single 'Passenger'

Odeal returns with new heartfelt single 'Passenger'

Author: Danielle Felix | Friday 2nd April 2021

Odeal returns with new heartfelt single 'Passenger' Photograph

Fresh off the release of his EP 'OVMBR: Roses', Odeal is back with bold new track 'Passenger.'

2020 was certainly a whirlwind year for Odeal, which even saw him feature on Nines' album 'Crabs in a Bucket'. However, the singer is no newcomer. Instead, he has been helping pioneer Nigeria's booming Alte music scene over here in the UK. And he shows no sign of slowing down.

'Passenger' is a new single which retains the heartfelt vibes we know and love from Odeal as he croons to his lost lover – promising they'll cross paths again. On a YKKUB & GG production, laced with romantic guitar chords throughout, the singer paints a story for listeners of the relationship and their breakdowns. Odeal switches between sung verses and smooth raps, allowing the varying tempos to aid the track's vibrancy and alternative sound.

The video, directed by Meeks and Frost is equally vibrant, showcasing scenes in black and white as well as colorful lighting and adds another layer to the story Odeal crafts.

Take in the visuals below.