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Halima returns with 'Wildflower'

Halima returns with 'Wildflower'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 9th April 2021

Halima returns with 'Wildflower' Photograph

Taken from her brand new project, 'XYZ', Halima reflects on a life spent establishing her own style and redefining genres, with a stand out single ‘Wildflower’ a perfect example of just that.

The striking song is a rich, acoustic-pop ballad that is riddled with melancholy, as Halima’s awe-inspiring vocals capture the audience in a moment of unbridled bliss. With the gentle melody cushioning her every word, it shimmers with sincerity and soul, showcasing the breathtaking artist that has been raising intrigue ever since her debut in 2018. "This song is centred around vulnerability” Halima states, “This was the first song that felt like the project. It was the most intense release of emotion”.

‘XYZ’ is an assemblage of six tracks that are oozing with the singer-songwriter’s unique R&B rasp, with the twinkling synths of ‘Intro’, the neo-soul groove of ‘Break’ and classic hip-hop flow of ‘Wake Up!’ exhibiting her decorative musical palette. Her lyrical approach is unapologetic and raw, and her knack for storytelling never falls short despite the variety of singles. On her decision to pen an LP that is woven from her deepest personal experiences, Halima quotes “This EP is an intimate description of the past 2 years of my life. I wanted to share this, in its truest, most vulnerable form. To honour the experience and the feeling. Now it belongs to you”.

Listen to the full track below: