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DK unveils brand new track 'Crossing Me'

DK unveils brand new track 'Crossing Me'

Author: Boy Nash | Sunday 10th November 2019

DK unveils brand new track 'Crossing Me'  Photograph

This song is a vibe, big up man like DK, he drops a new tune titled Crossing Me. "Crossing me is dangerous because pretty soon I'll be up on the A list" D.K sings melodically during the chorus.

This is a very relatable tune that will resonate with a lot of people especially if your part of this fast-paced music industry. One minute they love you the next minute they don't. It's fair to say clout and IG followers are the new currency.

Crossing Me has two verses which encompasses some great wordplay. "My team fly now they bugging out", that's dope and I like that.

The instrumental is fire as well, simple but it has a little head bopping vibe which keeps you attentive to the record.

Enough said check it out for yourself on the link below