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Dave releases visuals for 'Professor X'

Dave releases visuals for 'Professor X'

Author: Stephen Jones | Sunday 10th November 2019

In 2015 nobody would have predicted Dave's rise, 4 years later and the 21-year old is busy solidifying his place in the scene of one of the UK's greatest lyricists.
Earlier this year he released his debut album 'Streatham', the whole of the UK watched as it soared to number 1 in the charts.
Unlike a certain North London football team, Dave has weapons in his arsenal. He has shown this time and time again, he really can't be held down to one style, he showed this earlier on in the week with the release of his drill tune 'Paper Cuts' Dave had six paths he could have choosen for the video to Professor X, he could have made it an X-men Spoof or he could have just put some Top Boy Footage over it.
Luckily for us he didn't do any of these things and we got to see him doing what he does best. The visuals start of black & white and pay sometype of homage to X-men, but then we almost go into the mind of Dave, something I've always wanted to do. Nathan James Tettey does a great job with the directing, he knows exactly how to bring out the best in Dave.
Yet, are we seeing Dave or Modie? Dave really has showcased his talents this year, and he was outstanding in Top Boy series 3.
The video for professor X is a must watch, if you want to see one of the UK's most talented artists then you need to get on this.