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Wohdee offers a feel-good vibe with debut single ‘Vain’

Wohdee offers a feel-good vibe with debut single ‘Vain’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 15th April 2021

Wohdee offers a feel-good vibe with debut single ‘Vain’  Photograph

Wohdee releases her debut single ‘Vain’. The Birmingham artist oozes self-confidence as she offers an assertive approach to a bouncy and upbeat instrumental produced by Sammyoso.

An upbeat vibe allows ‘Vain’ to have listeners feeling themselves. The single inspires an energy to keep your chin up and puff out your chest, whilst Wohdee approaches with a smooth and tuneful delivery. With the chorus adding to the feel-good nature through a catchy sound, the tone is set for a good time.

The visuals coincide with the song and see a glamourous-looking Wohdee deliver lyrics in a purple-lit setting. The lighting helps radiate an uplifting and relaxed feeling – perfect for the track.

Speaking on the song, Wohdee has explained that she wants ‘Vain’ to make people "feel good about themselves" and hopes that it can "boost a lot of egos and gas a lot of heads".

'Vain' is the type of song you put on whilst getting ready to go out. It will leave you with a positive mindset and high morale.

Take in ‘Vain’ below and let us know your thoughts.