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Parv returns with brand new music video to 'Bullet'

Parv returns with brand new music video to 'Bullet'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Saturday 17th April 2021

Parv returns with brand new music video to 'Bullet'  Photograph

Causing a stir on the R&B circuit in recent times, Parv is proving why he is the name on everybody’s lips as he prepares to release the music video for his 2019 banger ‘Bullet’.

Describing it as a ‘pop-rap hybrid’, the Portsmouth artist’s vigorous flow is unified with a punchy beat and the velvety vocal harmonies of Michelle Price. The rapper, whose real name is Martin Parvin, is inspired by the difficulties that life throws at him, with ‘Bullet’ a depiction of a relationship that is skirting on thin ice. The upcoming visuals are shown in a melancholic hue, with Parv and his lover wrestling between rowing and romance, as the poignant lyricism reflects the problematic complexities between the pair. Not afraid to bear his soul within his music, Parv’s approach to writing about the world around him is refreshing and sincere, hence why he is rapidly rising on the rap scene.

Born and raised in the Leigh Park council estate on the south coast, Parv’s childhood struggles are a driving force behind the dedication to his craft. Whilst growing up as a working-class child in modern-day Britain comes with its adversities, he refuses to glamorize it, instead of hoping to inspire young people in similar situations to strive to create and pursue their dreams. Determined to keep his feet firmly planted in his roots, he states, “I wanna be a star, but never on their terms".

After ‘Bullet’ was first released two years ago, it has been featured on ITV’s smash hit show Love Island, as well as receiving acclaim from BBC Introducing Solent, SBTV and Complex. Mastering the perfect blend of UK hip-hop, grime, R&B and soul, Parv is a homegrown talent that only continues to ascend.

With the highly-anticipated video for ‘Bullet’ arriving on 16th April, get ready to hear a lot more from Parv this year.