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UK duo RXL World release brand new track ‘Misbehave’

UK duo RXL World release brand new track ‘Misbehave’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Saturday 17th April 2021

UK duo RXL World release brand new track ‘Misbehave’ Photograph

The new UK duo RXL World introduces their new single Misbehave on a dreamy, soft beat that grabs listeners immediately. The duo, who go by the name of Reece and Lorenzo (RxL), combine their harmonious vocals to create a smooth musical experience.

The track is delivered on a silky tapping beat. Produced by Ransom, the single’s vibe is an R&B track fused with Afroswing. Reece and Lorenzo aim to create good vibes and healthy life lessons with their music. The visuals to ‘Misbehave’ are romantic and heartfelt.

When speaking about the track, the duo state, “this song is based on fighting temptations that may occur whilst being in a relationship. This is a scenario that we have seen happen to people close to us, so we decided to incorporate it into a song as we felt many more people would relate to this.”

Be sure to check out this upcoming duo! And their future tracks!