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P.S Hitsquad and Giggs link up for new ‘Black’ visuals

P.S Hitsquad and Giggs link up for new ‘Black’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 23rd April 2021

P.S Hitsquad and Giggs link up  for new ‘Black’ visuals  Photograph

Peckham’s own P.S Hitsquad and Giggs have joined forces for a new track entitled ‘Black’.

‘Black’ sees the integration of two generations, as we get the new and upcoming sound from P.S Hitsquad combined with the legendary sound of Giggs. P.S gets the banger started by pouncing on the eerie and hard-hitting drill beat and delivering an abundance of clever punchlines. The rapper addresses the track in an aggressive manner, ensuring it is hype and energised.

The second half of the track is occupied by the Landlord, Giggs. The legendary Peckham rapper delivers his trademark flow; slow, calm and collected. As always, Giggs offers an array of witty one-liners in a way only he can. The visuals have a dark and gritty element, matching the sinister sound of ‘Black’. The bars are displayed across the screen, as well as clips that help the listener understand every metaphor that has been said.

‘Black’ is a cool representation of the progression of the Peckham sound. Having a legend and an artist from the new wave linking up allows the listeners to apricate the sound that made our scene what it is and simultaneously be excited about what is to come.

Take in ‘Black’ here.