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Pete & Bas are back with new ‘Bermondsey’ visuals

Pete & Bas are back with new ‘Bermondsey’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 23rd April 2021

Pete & Bas are back with new ‘Bermondsey’ visuals  Photograph

Pete & Bas have released a fresh music video ‘Bermondsey’ taken from their newly dropped project ‘Quick Little Mixtape’. The unique duo has taken the scene by storm in recent years due to their upfront, cruddy, and in-your-face personas. ‘Bermondsey’ embodies everything Pete & Bas are about. The forceful drill beat met with Pet & Bas’ ferocious style makes it the perfect match.

‘Bermondsey’ begins with Pete fuelling energy into the track with his gritty sound. The vigorous nature of Pete’s delivery added with his pristine wordplay creates an early spark to the track.

Bas takes over from Pete by delivering cold and calculated versus ensuring the spark stays lit. The deep bass voice of Bas on top of the eerie instrumental gives the track a sinister feel.

The cinematic visuals are occupied by the two blokes who portray the bars they are rapping about. We see the duo flaunting money whilst having a pint and a game of pool at the local boozer.

Pete & Bas have promoted their mixtape well by releasing ‘Bermondsey’. If this track is anything to go by, ‘Quick Little Mixtape’ will be filled with crud, aggression and witty wordplay.

Take in the ‘Bermondsey’ as well as their mixtape here.