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PrinceIce85 unleashes brand new track 'Drunk Texting'

PrinceIce85 unleashes brand new track 'Drunk Texting'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 26th April 2021

PrinceIce85 unleashes brand new track 'Drunk Texting'  Photograph

Known for his knack for crafting a catchy hook, PrinceIce85 returns with his poignant new offering ‘Drunk Texting’, a heartbreak track with a punchy twist.

Produced by ULTRA64, the song begins with an emotive piano melody taking the dominant lead before it quickly switches pace, as thirsty bass beats and the Maryland musician’s velvety vocals pack a mighty and unexpected punch. Weaving between singing and spitting bars, PrinceIce85 boasts an equally impressive talent in both areas, as his killer chorus and clever lyricism tell the tale of unrequited love. “Drunk Texting is a song that speaks the most about me over the other songs I have released, written, and recorded over my short time as an artist” he explains. “The act of texting someone you are interested in that doesn't want you back while under the influence of alcohol is something I have done more than once in my life and finally creating a song about the topic I know will connect with others out there who have experienced the same thing”.

With music always at the core of his life growing up, there was no doubt that PrinceIce85 would be an exciting prospect as his talent developed over the years. From singing in his local church’s choir to experimenting with hip-hop, R&B and pop blends, he has cultivated a distinct sound and flow that can be pinpointed to his tenacity as he taught himself his notable skillset.

An irresistible release that is sure to resonate with those who have gone or are going through relationship complexities, PrinceIce85 has perfectly executed his emotions into a bouncy bout of R&B, and he is a one to keep an eye on this year.