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AK (67) releases new visuals to ‘Despicable Me’

AK (67) releases new visuals to ‘Despicable Me’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 30th April 2021

AK (67) releases new visuals to ‘Despicable Me’ Photograph

67 representative AK has come through with fresh visuals to ‘Despicable Me’. The track begins with a quick introduction from Skribz and the build-up on an eerie instrumental. As soon as the beat drops, AK hits us with a cruddy and memorable chorus that references the movie franchise ‘Despicable Me’.

The 67 collectives have a reputation of being dark, gritty and menacing in their music. AK ensures this reputation is upheld by generating an unsmiling feeling with his minacious verses. The calm and assured flow added to the sinister-sounding beat creates an uneasy setting.

The visuals lay more references to the children’s film, ‘Despicable Me’ but with a gritty twist. The video begins with a dressed-up ‘minion’ getting the boot of the car and skanking on the block. Other scenes include a serious-looking AK rapping his bars as the ‘Minion’ lurks in the background.

When you see the numbers ‘67’ on a track you know what you are in for, a hard-hitting drill banger. ‘Despicable Me’ is no different, as AK brings the flows, the content, and the visuals to ensure the track is nothing but greaze.

Take in the ‘Despicable Me’ visuals here.