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Chante Paris releases new single 'Michelle Obama'

Chante Paris releases new single 'Michelle Obama'

Author: Liss Morales | Tuesday 4th May 2021

Chante Paris releases new single 'Michelle Obama' Photograph

Chante Paris releases empowering new single ‘Michelle Obama’.

East London rapper/writer Chante Paris gained her fanbase organically through freestyles and YouTube covers, including those under her former stage name, Little C. As the artist continues to build her catalogue, she has released her new single – Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama stands as an ode to strong independent women who strive to be the best in all forms. Chante displays her multifaceted persona by touching on the many areas she exudes her confidence; highlighting the parts she inherited from her mother. Using her creative pen, she offers quick and catchy wordplay, whilst matching the full-throttle energy of the instrumental.

Listen to Michelle Obama on streaming platforms now.