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Toast unleashes brand new project 'Toast TV'

Toast unleashes brand new project 'Toast TV'

Author: Wardah Sempa | Tuesday 4th May 2021

Toast unleashes brand new project 'Toast TV' Photograph

Having spent the last year releasing a flurry of fresh and bouncing hip-hop-inspired gems, rapper Toast has now returned to deliver his eagerly-awaited new album ‘Toast TV’.

Known for his work with the Virginia-based collective Double Dollars in recent years, ‘Toast TV’ shows him break away from his formative direction to explore a more diverse array of influences within his sound. Taking influence from the likes of MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller and many more, his new collection is an eclectic exploration into his shimmering persona.

Adding about the album, he said, “This album is about the role of TV and how it has influenced our youth, society, and world as a whole. The purpose of this project is to provoke the listener into realizing how important life is and what their place in this world is. I’ve been working since August 2020 and it only has one feature by
the artist KIL. More info on my Instagram.”