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#410 Lil Rass drops fresh ‘Obvious’ visuals

#410 Lil Rass drops fresh ‘Obvious’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 6th May 2021

#410 Lil Rass drops fresh ‘Obvious’ visuals  Photograph

Lil Rass releases a new banger titled ‘Obvious’.

The 410 representative raps in a style that is cool, calm and collected. Lil Rass' smooth flow juxtaposes the cruddy content of the lyrics, as he gives an insight into life on the road.

Along with the tight delivery, Lil Rass displays his storytelling abilities throughout the track. The South Londoner paints a vivid picture of a life of savagery and what he is about.

Action-packed visuals add an extra dose of energy to the already upbeat track. The video consists of people performing stunts on motorbikes and quadbikes. Other scenes include Lil Rass surrounded by a couple of models whilst he delivers his bars.

The 410 collective are known for their greazy and in-your-face style. Lil Rass ensures this reputation is upheld whilst the viscous nature of his lyrics makes ‘Obvious’ a sinister, yet hard drill banger.

Take in ‘Obvious’ here and let us know your thoughts.