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Iyamah reveals passionate new EP 'Tough Love'

Iyamah reveals passionate new EP 'Tough Love'

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 7th May 2021

Iyamah reveals passionate new EP 'Tough Love' Photograph

Brighton-born soulstress Iyamah reveals her highly anticipated new EP ‘Tough Love’.

'Tough Love' is a passionate release with deeply stunning reflections of self-worth, addiction and good versus evil.

Touching on the projects concept, Iyamah explains: “The concept of ‘Tough Love’ is like the conflict between the angel and devil. Love and pain, wanting one thing but knowing you need the other.”

“I wanted to show it’s almost like the beginning and the end, the metamorphosis, and the start of something,” she continues. “The start of recognising my worth, and the ability letting go of addiction, dependency, being held down or restricted to and defined by one thing. There is more than searching for my roots, but also to see beyond and above expectations.”

The seven-track project opens with delicate vocals and instruments on ‘Diamonds Pt 1’ and progresses into the bolder expression of Coops collaboration ‘More’. Exploration of the dialogue around relationships continues with ‘Ego’, ‘Conversations’ and self-worth critique ‘Diamonds Pt 2’. Lush pianos blend into dancing jazz as the project nears its end with ‘Clouds’, and then Iyamah takes us away with soaring vocals on the ethereal outro ‘Sofa’.

'Tough Love' sees Iyamah bare her soul in a poignant manner, whilst soothing the listeners with timeless vocals throughout a collection of universal personal experiences.

Stream the project now on all digital platforms.