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Quince Lu unleashes 'CoronaVirus'

Quince Lu unleashes 'CoronaVirus'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 10th May 2021

Quince Lu unleashes 'CoronaVirus'  Photograph

Quince Lu unveils brand new track, 'CoronaVirus'. Produced by Cxdy, who is part of the internet money collective, using clever wordplay and ambiguity in his bouncy new banger ‘CoronaVirus’, QuinceLu proves why he is one of rap’s most promising new prospects. The track also featured artist Jay Filly, who is part of my group “OxiGang”.

Simmering with suspicion, the Colombian artist is digging for answers in the track, as he uses the Covid-19 pandemic as a metaphor for a person or situation that is unhealthy and dangerous. The thumping bass beat is wrapped in broody riffs and slick synth chords, as QuinceLu’s impeccable flow commands attention. Describing the track in further detail, he states “The idea of the song came from the Covid-19 pandemic. I put a spin to the term in relation to a person, event, or situation that is toxic and must be avoided”.

After moving to South Florida at the age of five, QuinceLu adopts his style from both the USA and his cultural heritage, hence the cool, refreshing ‘Bendito’ sound that has been causing a stir on the scene as of late. With an array of his tracks racking up over 90,000 streams on Spotify respectively, including ‘Social Distancing’ and ‘5G Towers’, he is a talent you don’t want to miss out on.

Watch the full video below: