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OneDa drops fiery track ‘YoYo’

OneDa drops fiery track ‘YoYo’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 14th May 2021

OneDa drops fiery track ‘YoYo’ Photograph

Manchester-based rapper OneDa has unveiled her fiery new track ‘YoYo’, and it is not to be missed. Filled with dynamic beats and powerful bars, the infectious single aims to empower, reminding listeners to be unapologetically themselves.

OneDa explains: “This song ‘Yo Yo’ is about stepping out from the conformities of life and just encouraging people to just do them, regardless of what that might be, we are not here to be sheep, we are here to lead our own journey. Write our own stories. This song is basically a lyrical example of me leading by example, I do me unapologetically, I stay FREE.”

Hailed as One to Watch by BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1xtra, OneDa has been turning heads since her debut back in 2018 due to her captivating charisma and energy-filled brand. Making her mark within the UK hip-hop scene, OneDa is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this glowing talent.