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Shay D & P Money deliver new single 'Slice of the Pie'

Shay D & P Money deliver new single 'Slice of the Pie'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Friday 14th May 2021

Shay D & P Money deliver new single 'Slice of the Pie' Photograph

Upcoming North London rapper Shay D links up with grime emcee P Money for her latest single ‘Slice of the Pie’. The Filthy Gears-produced track features an eerie yet gritty instrumental which forms the perfect backdrop for both Shay D and P Money to flex on. Shay D’s high octane flow is catchy, filled with slick wordplay as she gives fans solid verses without missing a beat. P Money delivers a solid verse that is flawless as he displays why he is one of the most revered names in the UK music scene.

"When I heard the beat from Filthy Gears I knew this was gonna be a banger,” Shay D explains. “I had to find the right time to write to it because there was so much I needed to say on it, but it needed to be right! The song is about having no handouts, no leg up, no cheat code, ‘no slice of the pie had to cook up a stew’ and grinding yourself to work your way up to share your rewards, provide and celebrate the wins with your peoples."

She continues: “‘If I eat, my fam, they are eating too’ and being true to yourself for the whole journey. I asked P Money if he wanted to spit on it, he asked me to send the song, and he came back saying yes let's do it, so I knew it was a banger! He came to the studio and smashed it so quick!! It is one of my favourite tracks to date. Its cold, its hardbody, its strong and its fun!”

Listen to the energetic single below.