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Nigerian RnB singer chuXchu unleashes brand new EP titled 'Luv Struck'

Nigerian RnB singer chuXchu unleashes brand new EP titled 'Luv Struck'

Author: Tom Dingley | Monday 17th May 2021

Nigerian RnB singer chuXchu unleashes brand new EP titled 'Luv Struck' Photograph

Nigerian RnB singer Chuxchu has just released his brand new 5-track EP titled 'Luv Struck'

The new EP, ‘Luv Struck’, really showcases the vocal talent that chuXchu has to offer in terms of his range and his groovy style of music. The popularity of music from Africa has been growing in the global music scene lately. For chuXchu, this global recognition encourages him to blend his American style R&B melodies with his ingenious influences to create Afropop songs that will tear up dancefloors internationally. ChuXchu is finally sharing his debut project, ‘Luv Struck’ after trusted media publications like OkayAfrica, NATIVE Mag and more gave him incredible reviews last year.

The five-track tape captures the beauty and pain of love as chuXchu uses his music to tell stories from all aspects of romance to deliver intimate and relatable lyrics addressed to his love interests. Although each track has a different vibe thanks to chuXchu’s self-produced dance music palette, it highlights his sonic range while his honest lyrics and catchy melodies serve as the thread that keeps the EP balanced throughout.

There is only one feature on the project and that comes from Ayo Jay. The reason for this was explained by chuXchu and this is what he had to say: "I was/still am the biggest Ayo Jay fan and I always laugh when I think about the fact that I went from being a fan, to a collaborator, and now a friend. He gave me my first shot and encouraged me to pursue this music thing, so it's only right to have him be part of this important step in my life."

This EP from chuXchu is one that will really capture the attention of listeners for its relatability, its honesty and the raw emotion that is a running theme throughout. Despite the difference in vibe on each track, the message is the same but coming from a different angle each time which is what makes it so good to listen to. Not only that, but the talent on display sonically is something to behold.

This EP is available to stream now so go and check it out and see what you think.