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King Isis releases deep RnB track ‘SPARKLY’

King Isis releases deep RnB track ‘SPARKLY’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 17th May 2021

King Isis releases deep RnB track ‘SPARKLY’ Photograph

Co-produced by Jaden Wiggins from rock band Hello Yello, who's produced with Logic, LIl Nas X, and Take a Daytrip, Multi-talented artist King Isis fuses Rnb, Jazz and blues to create their debut single, ‘Sparky’, which is also the first single from their debut EP!

The singer navigates listeners through a floating, transformative musical journey. Sparkly (talks pain, growth, love and self-discovery), King Isis’s mesmerising honey vocals blend perfectly with the smooth guitar and baseline beat. The track’s chill vibe invites reflecting thinking; Sparkly is the track to relax and vibe too. King Isis’ music has been described as a guide through “culmination of apathy, angst, acceptance, and actualisation”. They aim to emphasise freedom and comfort in their music and we’re certainly seeing that.

Listen to the full track below: