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Central Cee drops new visuals for mixtape track 'Ruby'

Central Cee drops new visuals for mixtape track 'Ruby'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Tuesday 18th May 2021

Central Cee drops new visuals for mixtape track 'Ruby' Photograph

Back after the major success of his charting mixtape ‘Wild West’, Central Cee releases the visuals for his hard-hitting single ‘Ruby’. Central Cee has already had a phenomenal year and the visuals add to his ever-growing talent that repeatedly sees him at the top of his game.

This standout track from ‘Wild West’ uses MOP’s ‘Cold As Ice’ as a sample which producers Nostalgia and SYKES have warped and pitched to a lower tone to suit drill elements, creating a harrowing backdrop for the West London rapper to spit his bars upon. He tells the tale of two characters named Ruby and Jack, teenagers from disadvantage backgrounds using slick lyricism and dexterous wordplay that is descriptive and powerful.

The accompanying visuals directed by Dir.LX as part of Apple’s The Agenda Live series uses low light and shadowy fluorescence to match the seriousness of the track. Its themes of social deprivation and other issues show just how versatile Central Cee’s pen game, as he does well to highlight that life on the roads is not as glamourous as others make it out to be.

Central Cee’s ability to relate to those around him through his deep-cutting lyrics in ‘Ruby’ makes it a standout track from his mixtape, which has spent 25 weeks in the UK Top 40 charts so far. As he continues to reach new heights in his career, the 22 year old rapper isn’t holding back in any areas of his artistry.

Check out ‘Ruby’ below and read about the track-by-track breakdown of his ‘Wild West’ mixtape here.