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Melo Bermon unveils brand new song ‘Still Lie’

Melo Bermon unveils brand new song ‘Still Lie’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 26th May 2021

Melo Bermon unveils brand new song ‘Still Lie’ Photograph

Melo Bermon returns with a brand new track entitled, 'Still Lie'. Melo Bermon breaks through the prism and assures it is for the last time. The talented artist explores his inner thoughts in the new track ‘Still lie’, which narrates the tale of “a lover with a self-centred personality. She only sees herself, and in that very prism, she thinks she can do what she wants and have everything her way.”

The 80s thrilling yet daunting energy of ‘Still Lie’ contributes to the intensity of Melo Bermon’s emotions. The drum-led electronic instruments give power to the track. Melo Bermon’s music is relatable and authentic.

Chinemelum Okafor (born May 12, 1999), known professionally as Melo Bermon (Bur-mahn) is a singer and songwriter. Noted for his distinct music production, vocal layering and eccentric presentation, there is no doubt that this young singer has waves to make in this industry. He began making music at an early age, but finally shared this side of him in 2020, with his debut single “Wanted Out”, which was recorded at Westlake Studio with grammy-winning engineer Dave Reitzas.

He takes us back to the ’80s with a thrilling, yet daunting energy that you simply cannot get enough of. This record received some praise from the likes of Cardogotwings, and Baby Keem along with other notable names. He followed this record up with the sorrowful track “Might Need You”, which was how he chose to kick off 2021. His music videos help paint a fuller picture of his elicit lyrics of love and betrayal. There is no doubt that Melo Bermon will be a household name in the near future.

Listen to the full track below: