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NSG release riveting visuals for brand-new single 'Colonization'

NSG release riveting visuals for brand-new single 'Colonization'

Author: Liss Morales | Thursday 27th May 2021

NSG release riveting visuals for brand-new single 'Colonization' Photograph

Following the success of recent single 'Drunk Guitar', East London collective NSG return with anticipated single 'Colonization'.

Tackling a 4PLAY production, the collective fuse smooth Afro sounds with vibrant flows as they take listeners on a journey through the turbalence of gang rivarly and migration hardships. Although the subject matter is not as lighthearted as many of their singles, the sounds are piercingly uplifting–bringing full energy to the forefront.

Kevin Hudson and NSG's own Kruddz joined forces for the visual creative direction. “For this music video, we did it in a way that people who are from similar backgrounds to us will fully understand what we mean by the term ‘colonization’,
we just used it in a different context," said Kruddz. "Here, we wanted to use it to represent grafting in business and we used each member to show how they add to the graft - the symbolism of what we want to do with our music in
both the UK and globally, we want to build an empire.”

NSG's plans moving forward are to "colonize the world through [their] music and style". With this new single adding to their roster of successes, we could see a huge take over by the end of the year when they release their album.

Make sure to check out the 'Colonization' visuals below!