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REVIEW: Tomi Thomas delivers on brand new EP 'Hopeless Romantic'

REVIEW: Tomi Thomas delivers on brand new EP 'Hopeless Romantic'

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 4th June 2021

REVIEW: Tomi Thomas delivers on brand new EP 'Hopeless Romantic' Photograph

New York based singer Tomi Thomas has unleashed his fire new EP 'Hopeless Romantic'. And you're not going to want to miss it!

Increasingly popular artist Tomi Thomas is winning over audiences with his fresh perspective and burning passion for the music he creates. 'Hopeless Romantic' grabs influence from multiple genres from the moment you press play. With sweet serenades to upbeat movers and shakers like 'Gogo Dancer', the Hopeless Romantic EP is a unique mix and blend of sonic heaven from the African music scene. The six-track project includes the single 'Hopeless Romantic', as well as the hit song 'Again' and the debut of 'Hurricane' which features dancehall icon Buju Banton.

The project is beautiful to listen to and contains all the elements of African music that has seen it gain more popularity over the last few years. Tomi provides a song for every type of mood. No matter the weather, you could play this project at any time and instantly be taken off into a state of happiness and joy. The sounds that have been incorporated into every track, along with Tomi's breathtaking vocals, make for an African music infusion that will hit the spot for music lovers on every level.

African talent is at an abundance right now and Tomi Thomas is at the forefront of the movement. As his fan base grows and he becomes a more regular name in the media, Tomi is rapidly becoming a global sensation. He is connecting with all the right people – hence the huge link up on this project with dancehall legend Buju Banton.

Tomi Thomas is a name that people need to remember and look out for going forward, as this is only the beginning.

Be sure to listen to the 'Hopeless Romantic' EP below!