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Jords spits his realness in 2 part 'One Mic' freestyle

Jords spits his realness in 2 part 'One Mic' freestyle

Author: Joel Griffiths | Tuesday 8th June 2021

Jords spits his realness in 2 part 'One Mic' freestyle   Photograph

Jords spits his game over two distinct intoxicating beats in his latest offering to the ‘One Mic Freestyle’ series. Jords represents a level of maturity lost in street life these days, talking all manners of life principles to help navigate the urban jungle.

His latest project, ‘Almost An Adult’ dropped in the Spring of 2020. Shortly after its release, the Black Lives Matter movement became hyper-visible as anti-racism protests swept across the globe in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Jords gifted us with his ‘Black and Ready’ statement piece in the wake of these tragedies. Sharing the streets of south London with the likes of Stormzy, you get a sense of his key influences in his music, retaining the impeccable standard of wordplay founded in old school Grime.

More recently, Jords called on kadiata and Masego in his single titled ‘Enemies’, a track which sees the trio trade bars about loyalty and evolving friendships over bouncy production.

In this freestyle, a flawless flow is displayed as the Croydon artist – known for a smooth hybrid of rap, R&B and poetry – keeps it 100 from start to finish.

Be sure to check out the 'One Mic' freestyle below.