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Ling Hussle drops highly anticipated mixtape 'Still Here'

Ling Hussle drops highly anticipated mixtape 'Still Here'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Tuesday 8th June 2021

Ling Hussle drops highly anticipated mixtape 'Still Here' Photograph

South London’s finest Ling Hussle has unveiled a new project ‘Still Here’, a 17-track mixtape that is filled with her smooth vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Boasting no features, ‘Still Here’ is filled with original tracks from the female artist that explores a range of topics over her smooth R&B sound. This highly anticipated project sees her at full transparency, as we listen in to her innermost thoughts that she has poured into her art. The opening track ‘Possibility’ hears her sing about heartbreak in her flawless flow that will definitely strike a chord in the listener before the vibes switch up in the previously released track ‘That Side’. Production by the likes of Caze Beats, Yves, Vianey OJ and more lay backdrops that Ling Hussle ride effortlessly, in her signature style that her fanbase knows and love her for.

Speaking on the release on Instagram, she said “My music has always been transparent so believe every word. From wanting to give up on music, loss, heartbreak, disloyalty, betrayal and everything else I just had to get it off my chest. I’m sure it’s some s**t most people can relate to, so I chose to put it in my art.”

Be sure to check out ‘Still Here’ below.