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Jaish impresses on ‘Money Money’

Jaish impresses on ‘Money Money’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 9th June 2021

Jaish impresses on ‘Money Money’ Photograph

Bournemouth's Jaish displays a super fresh sound in his newest bop ‘Money Money’, as he injects an ambient dose of jazz rap into the UK hip-hop scene. His signature bluesy twist is rich and bouncy, nodding to the likes of J Cole and Wu Tang Clan. Designed to tell a story through both his words and his instrumentals, you can’t help but keep this track on repeat.

Bursting onto the scene only last year, the young rising talent has shared with his listeners a whopping 8 singles and a striking EP, showcasing his commitment to his craft whilst blessing our ears with majestic soundscapes. ‘Money Money’ shows a real maturity to this artist’s sound, and displays how he aims to level up with each release.

Jaish said, “I took inspiration for Money Money from my love for Joey Badass’ track ‘Paper Trails’, and the message that the song puts across. The fact that money doesn’t bring happiness, although it seems to be the one thing everyone chases, seems to be an interesting concept to me, and I think it’s great to have a conscious perspective on the fact that money isn’t everything. Although I strive to be successful and rich to provide for my friends and family, I also strive to find happiness in other aspects of life, which in my opinion are of more importance than the figure in the bank”