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Tommy Evans releases new track 'Only You'

Tommy Evans releases new track 'Only You'

Author: Daniel David | Friday 11th June 2021

Tommy Evans releases new track 'Only You' Photograph

Tommy Evans continues his run of singles in the build up to the release of his forthcoming album, with the release of new song 'Only You.'

The soulful production provided by Bobby Hex and GOLDSLANG and the backing vocals of Ishy, provides Tommy with the perfect backdrop to break down the complexities of modern relationships and personal growth in his trademark poetic and referential style with allusions to literature like Alice in Wonderland, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Peter Pan and iconic musicians like Otis Redding, Gil Scott Heron and Jay-Z. The uplifting but philosophical lyrics from Tommy coupled with the stirring production creates a song that not only can you bop your head to and enjoy sonically but also really get you thinking.

'Only You' is the latest offering from Tommy's upcoming album 'Collateral Beauty' a collaboration with DMC UK Finalist Tommy Hex. While there is no release date yet, the chemistry between the two has been evident on the first singles, so fans are sure to be anticipating its release. But for now be sure to check out 'Only You' below.