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Big Narstie blesses us with a fresh 'HB' freestyle

Big Narstie blesses us with a fresh 'HB' freestyle

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 17th June 2021

Big Narstie blesses us with a fresh 'HB' freestyle  Photograph

Multitalented Big Narstie has come through with a new freestyle. The South Londoner has enjoyed a great deal of success in mainstream television; most notably winning a Bafta for popular talk show 'The Big Narstie Show’.

This time, the Brixton rapper is back behind the microphone to let everybody know his lyrical ability is still top-notch. Using a slow and sombre hip hop beat, Big Narsite opts for a calm and calculated flow.

Watching Big Narstie on the television is full of jokes and banter, however, there is nothing funny about this freestyle. The rapper gives that straight realness, starting with a deep and thought-provoking chorus. Verses follow in a similar fashion, as he mentions the smart choices that have kept him out of prison.

This is the type of freestyle that will have you sitting back and taking in every gem that Big Narstie has to offer. This is the proper definition of real rap; not only is he spitting bars but there are also lessons you can take from the lyrics.

Joey Clipstar said it best when introducing Big Narstie as a London legend, and this freestyle is just a glimpse as to why he deserves that accolade.

Be sure to take in the HB freestyle below and let us know your thoughts.