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Ghostface600 shows off the ‘Fast Life’ in brand-new visuals

Ghostface600 shows off the ‘Fast Life’ in brand-new visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 17th June 2021

Ghostface600 shows off the ‘Fast Life’ in brand-new visuals  Photograph

Ghostface600 is back with solid new track ‘Fast Life’.

Rapping over a smooth and bouncy instrumental, Ghostface exhibits his versatility from the get-go. The rapper begins the track with a chorus of his quick life, coinciding with the title of the song.

‘Fast Life’ is an entertaining listen due to the number of flow switch-ups Ghostface uses. We get the melodic and deep-voiced voiced flow, the high-pitched harmonious delivery, and the straight hard-hitting rap. Throughout the track, Ghostface600 has us guessing what delivery is coming next; this is one of the reasons why the track is so solid.

The catchy nature of Ghostface’s melodies allows the chorus to be easily memorable, and the same goes for the verses. This makes it easy to vibe along to and spit the bars as Ghostface delivers. Whilst night-time visuals represent Ghostface’s fast life as we see the masked rapper cruising around the city with models alongside his entourage.

‘Fast Life’ is the perfect advertisement for Ghostface600’s skillset. It proves that the rapper has an abundance of flows and melodies in his locker and can bring them all together to create a great track.

Be sure to take in ‘Fast Life’ below and let us know your thoughts.