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Denise Chaila unleashes mythical visuals for new track '061'

Denise Chaila unleashes mythical visuals for new track '061'

Author: Tom Dingley | Friday 18th June 2021

Denise Chaila unleashes mythical visuals for new track '061' Photograph

Irish rapper Denise Chaila unleashes brand new track '061' with a set of mythical accompanying visuals.

One of the hottest female MCs in Ireland right now, Denise Chaila is proving they she holds this weight with '061'. Hailing from Limerick, Denise Chaila has a sick style of rapping with a nonchalant flow and a swaggy confidence. Throughout her verses, she flows seamlessly over the beat and with lyrics full of substance. It's a full package for listeners to take in the depths of what Denise has to say.

Denise Chaila has quickly gained traction, becoming a big name after garnering attention from some big names in a media sense from the likes of NPR, NME and The Guardian and France 24. This followed the release of her debut mixtape 'Go Bravely', which led her to be labelled "one to watch" — and with very good reason.

Speaking on the track herself Denise writes: "Knowing that you have the authority to reclaim yourself is confidence that never fades. Knowing that building this confidence will build your community, not break it, is the truth that must never be renounced. Knowing that you can always set the record straight, keeps the music playing."

Creative visuals show Denise in a variety of different outfits all with the same mythical theme, each outfit almost showing a different side of her personality. The background — set in the beautiful Aillwee Caves — provides a slick backdrop to support the theme her wardrobe changes are setting.

Be sure to check out the '061' visuals below!