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Jorja Smith reveals reflective visuals for 'Home'

Jorja Smith reveals reflective visuals for 'Home'

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 25th June 2021

Jorja Smith reveals reflective visuals for 'Home' Photograph

Jorja Smith unveils the visuals for her latest single, 'Home'.

Following the release of her recent EP Be Right Back, 'Home' hears the Walsall singer weigh up her feelings about the battle between living your truth and keeping up appearances, as well as relationships from personal, and witnessed, experience. Her tender vocals fall nicely over the strumming instrumental, creating a reflective theme throughout.

British Director, Rob Akin captured the visuals which follow an unhappily married couple. Speaking of the single and visuals, Jorja says: “The song is about people in relationships that aren’t healthy or good for them. They deserve better but don’t know any different. It’s about people keeping up appearances. This video is reflective of the times I used to babysit whilst growing up, as well as my own family experiences. The video is just a take on what I’ve seen.”

Be sure to check out Jorja Smith's 'Home' visuals below!