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VJ Jaxson drops brand new project ‘Finding Myself’

VJ Jaxson drops brand new project ‘Finding Myself’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 1st July 2021

VJ Jaxson drops brand new project ‘Finding Myself’ Photograph

Photo Credit: Sharon Crowley

Irish-Nigerian artist VJ Jaxson has shared his debut EP titled ‘Finding Myself’, filled with an abundance of dark, emo style hip-hop that listeners can really get lost in. Being open and honest in his lyricism, VJ Jaxson delves into his own personal journey of growth and self-discovery, as he notes his courage and defiance to overcome past tribulations. Adding extra elements of pop, soul and R&B, VJ Jaxson gets experimental with his sound and cements himself as an artist to watch.

Now returning with his most mature and introspective release to date, VJ Jaxson is making his mark and expressing his innermost thoughts in his stellar new project, as he aims to reach “people who are in the same situation and need a sense of direction to get back on track.”

Listen to ‘Finding Myself’ below: