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#Hornsey Biz blesses us with a fresh ‘HB freestyle’

#Hornsey Biz blesses us with a fresh ‘HB freestyle’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 8th July 2021

#Hornsey Biz blesses us with a fresh ‘HB freestyle’  Photograph

Biz has blessed the channel with a fresh ‘HB freestyle’. The Hornsey-hailing rapper attacks the sinister drill beat with an eerie, blood-curling flow.

The freestyle is filled with crud, as portrays the gritty lifestyle through vicious lyrics that will have you screw facing throughout. Biz is able to paint the perfect picture for the listener, allowing a wide audience to step into his shoes and feel the badness he raps about.

Biz is making a name for himself as a serious, no-nonsense rapper. His previous releases ‘3 Scarz’, ‘Unknown Caller’ and ‘Fill Up The Ride’ are proof that he is not here to play. This latest freestyle further confirms that he is one the fiercest and cruddiest MC’s about.

Be sure to take in the ‘HB Freestyle’ below and let us know your thoughts!