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QuinceLu returns with brand new track 'Witness'

QuinceLu returns with brand new track 'Witness'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 29th July 2021

QuinceLu returns with brand new track 'Witness'  Photograph

Sustaining his string of success with yet another striking single, QuinceLu is unstoppable on his latest drop ‘Witness’.

Brimming with bouncy 808’s and an abundance of attitude, the richly textured track exhibits the rapper’s flawless flow and distinctive delivery, particularly in the catchy recurring chorus line of “can I get a witness?”. A holy semblance seeps through the melody of the release, a quality that marries with the accompanying visuals which feature QuinceLu spitting bars in front of majestic stained-glass windows and topless in church attics, emotion exploding from his every word. “The whole song is inspired by the independent hustle as not just an artist but as an outsider” he elaborates, “It takes a lot of self-determination & willpower to do. It wasn’t always easy “Riding in a benz thinking life ain't pretty”, but it's worth it”.

The Colombian artist moved to South Florida at the age of five, adopting styles from his cultural heritage and new home to establish his fresh ‘Bendito’ sound that has been causing waves on the scene as of late. With an array of tracks racking up over 100,000 streams on Spotify respectively and a collective of 500,000 streams on his latest EP ‘15Gs’, he is a talent you don’t want to miss out on.

With more singles in the pipeline for later this year as well as a mixtape, QuinceLu is determined and dynamic and has his sights set on the prize.