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B Young releases brand new visuals 'JUSTIN BIEBER'

B Young releases brand new visuals 'JUSTIN BIEBER'

Author: Rachel Onilude | Saturday 31st July 2021

B Young releases brand new visuals 'JUSTIN BIEBER'  Photograph

In 2017 the East London rapper, singer, songwriter came into the sunlight with the hit anthems ‘Jumanji and 079 me”. ‘Differences’ is B Young’s first album, carefully crafted with a hybrid of R&B, UK Drill and more.

Justin Bieber is the opening track to the anticipated album. The song adopts an Afro wave, dancehall influence, laced with B Young’s perfect silky vocals. The talented singer has mastered aurally addictive choruses and is known for his slick wordplay - B Young pays homage to several big names: Ariana Grande, Wizkid “Gimme that Wizkid fever you know”, and Justin Bieber.

The video is visually eye-capturing: full of vivid colours yet coated with a dark rich touch. The cinematic experience is memorable. B-Young flexes his creative abilities with the desert location, outfit choices and connection with the love interest.

Be sure to listen to the album and check out the visuals below!