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Where's Da Op's returns with Season 2

Where's Da Op's returns with Season 2

Author: Liss Morales | Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Where's Da Op's returns with Season 2 Photograph

The show must go on as 'Where's Da Ops' returns with Season 2!

Following technical difficulties that resulted in episodes of 'Where's Da Ops' second season being taken down from YouTube, the first episode is back up – and you don't want to miss out.

'Where's Da Ops' is a riveting web series based in South London that takes viewers on a journey through the trials and tribulations of a notorious street crew. A trio that were once friends become rivals, and that's where the crazy tale of opposition begins. From narcotics and greed, to robbery and gut-wrenching crime, the series shows the painful product of a fast life.

Be sure to check out Season 2 below, and catch up on Season 1 if you missed it!