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JTrapz offers up powerful new track 'Blue Therapy'

JTrapz offers up powerful new track 'Blue Therapy'

Author: Natalie Siaw-Agyeman | Wednesday 4th August 2021

JTrapz offers up powerful new track 'Blue Therapy' Photograph

Northampton-based rapper JTrapz continues with his steady stream of singles as he offers up his latest track ‘Blue Therapy’. Taking the title from the hit YouTube series by TREND CENTRAL, JTrapz explores the concept of what is expected of a man through the use of quick releasing bars. ‘Blue Therapy’ joins JTrapz’ roster of tracks that showcase his ability to rap and the range of topics he covers, giving fans tracks that are completely different to their predecessors.

Keeping within Drill parameters, ‘Blue Story’ sees JTrapz place his own personal twist on the track with an unprecedented message. Using excerpts from the series to set the tone of the track, JTrapz captures the listener’s attention right from the start of the track. He doesn’t shy away from bringing his talent to the forefront of the track, laying his .. lyrics onto the beat that is adorned with heavy 808s and dramatic strings.

Visuals directed by Romael complement the themes present in ‘Blue Therapy’, using actors and actresses to play out a therapy session which portrays JTrapz’ lyrics straight to the audience. Painting pictures with his words, the 5th Side’s rapper drives home his message with these visuals as we see him listening in on the therapy sessions.

Check out 'Blue Therapy' below: