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Morrisson steps up for an emotive 'Daily Duppy'

Morrisson steps up for an emotive 'Daily Duppy'

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 5th August 2021

Morrisson steps up for an emotive 'Daily Duppy' Photograph

Morisson is the latest rapper to step up for the coveted ‘Daily Duppy’ freestyle.

Spitting over a slow and smooth-sounding instrumental, the East London rapper delivers emotive bars filled with realness – it is everything fans would expect.

It is well-known that Morrisson can produce a banger, but this freestyle proves how highly skilled his storytelling abilities are. From the first second to the last, Morrisson takes listeners on a journey through, delivering an in-depth look into his lifestyle, upbringing and what he has endured throughout his journey. His lyrics place you in his shoes to feel the emotions he conveys so well.

Throughout the freestyle, we hear the rapper speak on touching topics, such as the passing of his brother. The latter half of the freestyle touches on growing up in Newham, the friends he grew up with, and how they became his competition.

Be sure to take in the ‘Daily Duppy’ freestyle here – it is a must listen!